Closing panel discussion

Partnership to Transform Learning Through Technologies

11 May (Sat), 11:40-12:40
Medium of instruction:
Cantonese supplemented with English (粵語輔以英語)

The theme of this year’s CITERS is Transformative Technologies, Learning Environments and Partnerships. The theme firstly indicates a clear focus on the e-Learning that aims to transform learning, i.e. the use of technologies to support learning that fosters students’ lifelong learning abilities such as self-directed learning, inquiry, communication and collaboration skills. It also highlights the findings that to achieve such transformation requires changes the learning environment, which includes both the physical, digital as well as socio-cultural environment in which learning is organized or facilitated. This closing panel focuses on exploring the roles that different forms of partnerships have played in fostering/supporting the complex changes that needs to take place to achieve transformative e-Learning, with the goal of arriving at a clearer understanding of how we may better leverage existing partnerships and whether new partnerships are in fact necessary to advance our e-Learning goals. Input from the panelist are intended to stimulate discussion and contributions from the wider audience is the main focus and criteria for success of this panel discussion.



Prof. Nancy LAW (Director, CITE, HKU)


Mr. Jon C.K LEI (Principal, Macau Baptist College, Macau)

Dr. Kam VAT (Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE), University of Macau)

Mr. HA Chi Hung (IT Panel Head, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong)

Mr. Andy LI (IT Coordinator, Salesian School, Hong Kong)


Introduction by Prof. Nancy LAW

Mr. Jon C.K LEI's sharing


Dr. Kam VAT's sharing

Mr. HA Chi Hung's sharing


Mr. Andy LI's sharing

Sharing of WAN, Wai-Yan Sally (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Sharing of Mr. Andrea MUNOYENDA (Macau Anglican College)

Sharing of Dr. Yeung LEE (Assistant Director of CITE)


Sharing of Mr. POON Shu Hong (Principal, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong)

Sharing of Dr. Sam CHU (Deputy Director of CITE)


Sharing of BROWN, David (Principal, Macau Anglican College)

Sharing of KUOK, K.M. (Vice Principal, Pui Ching Middle School, Macau)

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