New literacies and Transformative Learning Environments

Professor Ola ERSTAD,
Institute for Educational Research, University of Oslo, Norway

11 May (Sat), 9:00-9:55
Medium of instruction:
English 英語


During the last three decades we have seen important developments in what is called ‘new literacy studies’ and socio- cultural perspectives on literacy practices, studying literacy and learning as changing. Within cultural psychology, the specificity of contexts has received attention in recent years (Cole, 1996; Duranti & Goodwin, 2002; Edwards, Biesta, & Thorpe, 2009). However, a central problem remains of defining the limits and nature of a learning context. A key issue in this regard is what is particular to contexts that facilitate learning processes. Increased mobility of learning contexts challenges key questions about the role of time and scale as well as the idea of spatiality – online and offline. Behind many of these notions of context, time, scale, spatiality, people, things and networks lie further assumptions about the interrelationship between individuals and society and the role of education in the 21st Century. This presentation will highlight key issues and challenges in these developments on literacy within and across social contexts, as interrelationships between formal and informal ways of learning, where technologies change key aspects of schooling such as assessment, curriculum development and teacher education.


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About the Speaker

Ola Erstad
Ola Erstad is Professor at the Institute for Educational Research, University of Oslo, Norway. He has been working withinthe fields of both media and educational research. He has published on issues of technology and education, especially on ‘media literacy’ and ‘digital competence’. From 1998 until 2005 he was head of research at a national centre on ICT research in education, leading large-scale innovation projects in Norwegian schools working on different levels of school development using digital technologies. He is leader of a research group at the Faculty of Education, Oslo, called ‘TransActionslearning, knowing and identity in the information society’. Recently his research interests are directed towards the everyday practices of using different media, the interrelationship between formal and informal ways of learning and media education in schools. His most recent publication is a book entitled 'Identity, Community, and Learning Lives in the Digital Age' (2013), co-edited with Julian Sefton Green for Cambridge University Press.
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