Opening panel discussion

New Learning Environments: Changed Practices in Higher Education?

10 May (Fri), 9:15-10:30
Medium of instruction:
English 英語

This plenary panel outlines educational designs underlying recent major building works at universities in Hong Kong and explores the extent changes have occurred in teaching and learning practices influenced by the affordances of new learning environments (LE). Each panel member will introduce LE designs and offer examples of hoped for and actual changed practices brought about by the affordances of the new environments. The respondent will collate key concepts and ideas introduced and will outline core tensions and challenges these new learning environments raise for universities, for staff and for students.



Dr. Bob FOX (Assistant Dean, Learning Environment, Faculty of Education, HKU)


Ms. Esther WOO (Head, Administrative Services, HKU libraries)

Dr. Josie CSETE (Senior Educational Development Officer, Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Prof. Paul LAM (Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Prof. Nancy LAW (Director, CITE, Faculty of Education, HKU)

Mr. Brant KNUTZEN (Learning Designer, Faculty of Education, HKU)


Mrs. Toni KELLY (Associate Director, Learning Environment, Information Technology Services, HKU)


Ms. Esther WOO's presenation


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First question from Dr. Paula HODGSON (City University of Hong Kong)

Mr. Brant KNUTZEN's response


Dr. Josie CSETE's response

Prof. Paul LAM's response


Question from Dr. HU Xiao (The University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Bob FOX's response


Prof. Nancy LAW's response

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Dr. Josie CSETE's response

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Second question from Dr. Paula HODGSON

Mrs. Toni KELLY's response


Prof. Nancy LAW's response

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