Mobile Technologies for in-class Interaction and Assessment for Learning

FOK, Wilton W.T. (Faculty of Engineering, The University of Hong Kong)
CHAN, Cecilia K.Y. (Centre for Enhancement for Teaching and Learning, The University of Hong Kong)

10 May (Fri), 12:40-13:00
Technology-Supported Assessment for Learning
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Paper Presentations
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English 英語


The demand of in-class interaction and assessment for learning is rising. There is more emphasis on using electronic tools for assessment to facilitate teachers  identifying student learning problems and providing quality feedback for students to improve. This paper discusses the challenges of e-assessment and introduced some e-assessment tools developed in Hong Kong. These tools include classroom interaction, peer review module, real-time quiz with analytic and a pen-based home feedback system, which provide an effective channel for providing feedback, monitoring learning difficulties and diagnosing students’ prior skills and abilities, so as to adjust the curriculum or provide additional assistance accordingly.

Wilton FOK’s biography

Assistant Dean (External Relations and Knowledge Exchange), Faculty of Engineering, HKU

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