The Application of Blogs and Facebook in Scaffolding the Internship Learning Process

LEE, Wing Yi Celina (Faculty of Education The University of Hong Kong)
CHAN, Chun Ho Randolph
CHAN, Kim To
LEUNG, Chun Kit (Faculty of Education, The University of Cambridge)
CHU, Samuel Kai Wah (Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)

11 May (Sat), 11:10-11:30
Technology-Supported Assessment for Learning
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Paper Presentations
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English 英語


Blogging and Facebook have gained increasing recognition as tools to enhance learning experience among students in tertiary education. This study examined if, and in which aspects, blogs and Facebook support and/or consolidate students’ learning during their internship. A mixed-methods design was employed to investigate students’ perceptions about blogs and Facebook in facilitating their internship learning. The study found that pedagogical scaffolding using blogging and Facebook facilitates and reinforces students in engaging in problem solving, information sharing and knowledge construction during internship. In particular, Facebook appears to be a more useful platform for students to reflect on their internship experiences.


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