Leveraging Technology to Support Engaging Student-centered Formative Learning Activities in Schools

KNUTZEN, K. Brant (University of Hong Kong)

11 May (Sat), 10:30-11:10
Partnerships for Transformative Learning Beyond the Cloud
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English 英語


Technology now supports a wide range of student-centered formative learning activities, but many teachers are unaware or unsure of how to implement them.  Speaker Brant Knutzen teaches on the MSc IT in Education program at HKU.   Participants should bring their own devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops) to engage in hands-on activities.

Key workshop activities:

  • Join the Moodle course on the CITE server
  • View the Adobe Connect web conference
  • Student self-selection into Moodle groups using GroupChoice plugin
  • Back-channel class-based Moodle chat
  • Oral discussion / group-based Moodle chat
  • Digital Document-centered Discussion using Google Presentation
  • Online discussion using Participation Forum Moodle plugin

K. KNUTZEN’s biography

I am the Learning Designer for the Faculty of Education at HKU, and also a candidate for the doctorate in Education.

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