The Assessment of Self-Regulated Learning: Where We Are Today

HAO, Qiang (The University of Hong Kong)
LU, Jingyan (The University of Hong Kong)

10 May (Fri), 12:40-13:00
Technology-Supported Assessment for Learning
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The study aims at a systematic review of the development of technology-supported assessment of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL). SRL refers to a self-directed learning process, which is the key for learners to master their own learning. Though many measure approaches were developed in the last two decades, assessment of SRL was still hampered by the unsatisfactory calibration of self-report surveys, the lack of event-based measure approaches, and labor-intensive data analysis in assessment. The innovative approaches powered by computerization in the latest five years provide some answers to the above stated problems.


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Qiang HAO’s biography

Research Assistant of Faculty of Education,

The University of Hong Kong

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Assistant Professor of Faculty of Education,

The University of Hong Kong

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