Affordances and Constraints of Wiki for Primary-school and Secondary-school Students’ Group Projects

CHEUNG, Karl (Professional Development, Apple Education)
LEUNG, Chun Kit (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
NOTARI, Michele (PHBern University of Teacher Education, Switzerland)
CHU, Samuel Kai Wah (The University of Hong Kong)

10 May (Fri), 12:40-13:00
New Literacies and Transformative Learning Environments
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English 英語


This study compared affordances and constraints of Primary-School and Secondary-School students on using Wiki in their group projects. 388 Hong Kong Primary schools students and 347 Secondary school students were examined. Findings showed that although wiki provided similar educational, social and technological affordances, the distribution of the affordances between the two groups of students are different. Constraints were also discovered and compared. Some findings could be explained by the developmental stages theory. This research will help educators to gain a better understanding to the students’ activities and perceptions on using online learning platform in different levels of school setting.


Chun Kit LEUNG’s biography


Kit Leung
Equality Officer,                       Careers fair Co-Chair
MCR, Fitzwilliam College          FERSA, Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge           University of Cambridge

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