Student-initiated Use of Facebook for Academic Learning: A Case Study

SONG, Yang (Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)

10 May (Fri), 12:00-12:20
New Literacies and Transformative Learning Environments
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This paper presents a case study of student-initiated use of Facebook Groups in doing a team project for a journalism course. Drawing upon the concept of affinity space and a theoretical taxonomy of asynchronous online discussion, the present study triangulates classroom observation, semi-structured student interviews and microanalysis of posting activities of a student-initiated Facebook group. The effectiveness of Facebook Groups in facilitating academic learning was evaluated in terms of its role in the team project completion. Finally, pedagogical implications are proposed in the hope of shedding light on the integration of social network sites into higher education.


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Yang SONG’s biography

Song Yang is currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include social network sites and learning, multimedia storytelling, and digital journalism education.

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