Interaction between Librarians and Library Users on Twitter and Weibo

ZHENG, Yi (Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Hong Kong)
LIU, Yuyang (Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Hong Kong)
CHU, Samuel Kai Wah (Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Hong Kong)
HUANG, Hong (School of Information, University of South Florida, United States)

10 May (Fri), 12:20-12:40
E-leadership: Socio-cultural Dimensions of E-learning and Systemic Change
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English 英語


This study investigates the interaction between librarians and library users on Social Networking sites (SNSs) - Twitter and Weibo. Target universities will be chosen from mainland China and English-speaking countries based on QS 2012-2013 University Rankings and the posts will be harvested from libraries’ SNS pages. Findings may inspire librarians to adopt new usage of SNS, meanwhile, suggestions will be provided for librarians in using SNS to attract more library users’ engagement in the interaction between libraries and users.


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Yi ZHENG’s biography

Full-time Student, MSc in LIM, University of Hong Kong

Yuyang LIU’s biography

Full-time Student, MSc in LIM, University of Hong Kong

Samuel CHU’s biography

Associate Professor
Program Director, MSc[Library & Info Management]
Deputy Director, Centre for Information Technology in Education

Hong HUANG’s biography

Ph.D, Assistant Professor

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