Intercultural Understanding in the New Mobile Learning Environment

CHUN, Daniel J Y (CSALT - Faculty of Social Science, Lancaster University)

10 May (Fri), 16:20-16:40
E-leadership: Socio-cultural Dimensions of E-learning and Systemic Change
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The proliferation of mobile learning technologies, wireless devices and cloud-based applications had been attracting a school of researchers and educators worldwide in developing new programs or extending their current programs. This growing phenomenon can be explained as part of many higher education institutions’ strategy to meet the growing demand from offshore students which domicile in another country, speak another language and have a different culture.  A desk based study into recent academic research in mobile learning and distance learning has been conducted with particular emphasis in evaluating competence in intercultural understanding.  It is in this context that we review the current practices by higher education which is by and large still using teacher-led pedagogical model with their own cultural orientation, values and actions of how they perceive as beneficial for the learners and whether specific design strategy can be used to enhance intercultural understanding and competence for both the institution and learners alike.


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Daniel CHUN’s biography

Daniel Chun is currently the Executive Director for Kids4Kids - a WiseGiving charity based in HK and a founder of Daniel's research interest covers mobile learning, social innovation and entrepreneurship.  Daniel has been providing training to many corporations in Blue Ocean Strategy and had been researching in Mobile Learning since 2008. His blog can be found at

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