Pre-School Children Learn to Use the iPad to Learn, Document, Assess and Create Content

TAVERNIER, Monika (Woodland Harbourside preschool)

10 May (Fri), 17:00-17:20
New Literacies and Transformative Learning Environments
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English 英語


This study investigate how pre-school children use an iPad for educationally valuable activities. It aims at identifying ways in which teachers can facilitate iPads as a tool for learning, documenting and assessing the children's learning and allow children to transfer their knowledge,skills and creativity into abstract formats (iPad applications). So far the study revealed that pre-school children are capable of using the iPad, show a lot of interest in using it, but require help in identifying meaningful activities that are educationally valuable and channel their ideas into the more abstract iPad environment.


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Monika TAVERNIER’s biography

Currently classroom teacher at woodland Harbourside preschool.

academic background:

2013 postgraduate diploma in early childhood education from the Hong Kong university

2011 master of education from the Hong Kong institute of education

2009 bachelor of business studies from the university college of Dublin, iIreland

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