The Hong Kong Digital Academy

HUANG, Erwin (CEO, WebOrganic; Chair of eLearning Consortium)
SMITH, Adam (Head of YouTube, Asia Pacific, Google)

10 May (Fri), 14:30-15:30
New Literacies and Transformative Learning Environments
Presentation format:
Paper Presentations
Medium of instruction:
English 英語


Education is key to fostering innovation and economic growth, but today a high quality education that teaches useful skills is not necessarily affordable or attainable for most Hong Kongers. We need to make systematic changes to improve the quality and focus of our educational institutions without imposing additional burdens. Educational institutions can use the infrastructure of the web to improve the quality of education while reducing costs at the same time. To empower more teachers and students to harness the power of the web, Google, in partnership with Weborganic and e-Learning Consortium, established The Hong Kong Digital Academy programme. This dedicated online channel acts as a one-stop platform for audio and video resources, and will enable teachers and students to further benefit from online resources. Its goal are endorsed by the Education Bureau.

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