Using e-Learning to Enrich the Teaching of Reading and Writing in an English Classroom

CHOW, Elaine (Advisory Teacher from Native-speaking English Teacher Section, EDB)
POON, Yee Man (School e-Learning Project Coordinatior)

11 May (Sat), 10:30-11:10
New Literacies and Transformative Learning Environments
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English 英語


The workshop aims to share the experience of how to develop literacy skills of students through incorporation of information technology into the implementation of the Primary Literacy Programme for Reading and Writing (PLP-R/W). Lessons snapshots will be played to demonstrate how to use electronic whiteboard and learning apps to support vocabulary, phonics and grammar items taught in English lessons. Some learning apps will be recommended to participants to use for whole class teaching and by individual students in the lessons and at home. With the development of e-Learning in class, it enhances self-directed learning as well as life-long learning.


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