Quality Evaluation of Geriatric Health Information on Yahoo! Answers: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study

WONG, Wendy (MSc(LIM) student, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)
CHU, Samuel Kai Wah (The University of Hong Kong)

10 May (Fri), 17:20-17:40
E-leadership: Socio-cultural Dimensions of E-learning and Systemic Change
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English 英語


Given the increases on global ageing population and the popularity of Social Q&A site, it raises the uncertainty about the quality of health information on community Q&A sites for family caregivers of elderly. In this study, the researcher, as a current master student of LIM and a registered nurse, intents to examine (1) the quality of online health information on Chinese and English regional social Question and Answers sites of Yahoo! Answers, (2) patterns of questions and answers as well as (3) cultural similarities and differences in terms of health information exchange. The strategies developed based on the findings would potentially benefit to family caregivers and health informatics.


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